Wednesday, 9 December 2015

4 videos about (not glamorous) fashion

If you read Ethically Conscious you know I became interested in knowing more about fashion and started to research about it, so that's also became something I want to share as I learn more.

Yesterday I spend part of the day watching videos about the costs of fast fashion so I wanted to share the ones I watched with you. I'm the first saying that they're not easy to watch, but it's important since they reveal the other side of the fancy and glamorous things that we see in stores.

All theses videos mention the Rana Plaza factory collapse that happen in 2013 and you can even notice some of the same people in different videos, but they are from different perspectives and there's new information in all of them.

Have you ever watched any of these videos? What are your thoughts?

Lots of hugs, A

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Headphones - Uplifting playlist

Sometimes I wake up with an urge to listen to uplifting songs so I use this playlist.
To shake sadness, running, when I attempt to skate or even for when I'm just around doing something and want music on. It gets me moving and pumped up.

Although not all the songs are necessarily "happy", they still make me feel good. Some songs I really like because of they catchy rhythm and others because of the lyrics or both combined.

These songs give me energy and put me in such a good mood that I can't help making some (ridiculous) moves, singing out loud and pretty much jumping around when I hear them.

The list:
Alessia Cara - Wild Things
Avicii - Waiting For Love
Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne - Real Love
Disclosure Ft. Kwabs - Willing & Able
Disclosure Ft. Sam Smith - Omen
Ed Sheeran - Don't
Ed Sheeran - Sing
Ellie Goulding - Burn
Gone in the Sun - Beaches
Hozier - Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene
Hozier - Jackie And Wilson
James Bay - Best Fake Smile
James Bay - Craving
James Bay - Get Out While You Can
James Bay - Let It Go (Bearson Remix)
Jason Derulo - Want To Want Me
Jeremy Loops - Skinny Blues
Jess Glynne - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
Jess Glynne - Hold My Hand
Justin Bieber - Sorry
Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean?
Kwabs - Walk
KYKO - Mexico
MAGIC! - No Way No
Mapei - Don't Wait
Matt Simons - Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)
MKTO - Classic
MKTO - Thank You
ODESZA - I Play You Listen
OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself
OneRepublic - I Lived
Paramore - Anklebiters
Sam Smith - Restart
Skrillex and Diplo - Where Are Ü Now with Justin Bieber
The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather
The Notionaires - Excited Eyes
The Score - Oh My Love
The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face
Troye Sivan - Wild
Zach Berkman - Get Up, Get Up

If you are in a more chillout mood there's another playlist you can listen to :)

Lots of hugs, A

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Conversations | Ethically Conscious

This has been a draft in my mind for a long time. I wasn't sure if I knew enough about the topic to make a post. But I realized that not knowing it all - whatever that means - shouldn't stop me of sharing my thoughts. Sharing is what I want the blog to be about, but I sometimes battle a bit.

Have you ever wondered who made your t-shirt, phone or anything at all? Where it came from? In wich conditions? Which materials were used? Could it be damaging for the environment?
Could it be done in a different way?

Something I always liked to read on tags was the 'Made in' part. I liked to know where my products were made and having things from all over the world felt cool. What I didn't know was that just that little part could tell a lot more about products.

Back in january I started thinking a lot about how the way I live affects others people lives, thinking that I could live in a more ethical and simple way.

I virtually came across sweatshops and my first thoughts were 'Sweatshops? Never heard of them before'. 
After realizing they are workplaces involving absurd lack of conditions and from where the majority of my clothes came from, my thoughts became 'I can't believe it' and 'I don't like this'.

I had started the blog a month ago and decided to create a fashion related category so I was researching more about fashion and wanted to learn and know more in deep about the industry. 
My research began and the things I found out were the reason why you never saw a post on the closet category anymore. Because everything I had planned was about brands and ideas that I no longer support and they values are not the ones I stand up for. Little I knew

I read a lot about this topic of 'ethical and non-ethical fashion', but it wasn't until I started searching for images and videos that the issue truly hit me. Reading I was trying to imagine but actually seeing people in awful conditions so I could have a t-shirt? That's was tough.
Was a t-shirt really necessary? Worth causing such suffering? Definitely not, not even millions of t-shirts. They shouldn't be more important than lives. And I don't want people to suffer so I can have whatever it is. 
I had no idea that existed the necessity to create certifications to make sure that people are working in safe conditions or receiving enough from their work to make a living.

Was when I saw Sweatshop - Deadly Fashion that things got real. I collapsed and just started crying. I couldn't believe such things were happening. That I had been supporting them. Where was I? What had I been doing? 

And just like that, I had been presented to the truth and not glamorous side of fashion. Definitely not the industry I had pictured and what I saw in stores. I was now aware that existed 'fast fashion' and 'slow fashion'. I came across new brands, blogs, youtube channels and a lot of new information and things to explore. 
After more research, I came across the environmental impact that fashion has too. So I also became interested in eco-fashion.

I then started a huge evaluation. 
I came across Fair Trade Fashion that also lead me to fair trade everything else. So now it was even more than just about garments, It was also about accessories, shoes, fabrics like cotton, cocoa, tea, coffee, furniture, technology.
It was a lot to take in and as usual when you are confronted with something you had no idea happened, you feel quite confused. I felt the same way when I came across Veganism.
First the shock. Then the overwhelming feeling. Last the action, when you realize you wasn't aware of some information but now you are and something needs to change.

I quickly though that now, besides being vegan all the products I should buy needed to be certificated as Fairtrade and environmental-friendly too. I wanted them to be, but I also quickly realized things aren't that easy.
There's no certification for everything. I don't have access to everything in that form. A Fairtrade product doesn't necessarily means vegan and super eco-friendly. Vegan doesn't necessarily means made from fair trade and eco-friendly materials. So what could I do?
I understood it wasn't that simple and not only about replacing things. I realized I just had to do my best, the more I can.

The first time I went to my local supermarket having this realization of 'fair trade and non-fair trade' I found certificated Fairtrade brown cane sugar, that I actually remember spotting in the store weeks ago but thought it was just another sugar among all the others. Now seeing it for a second time, I knew what it stood for and let me tell you that I had never bought sugar with such a pleasant feeling. I was proudly picking and paying for that package. A simple thing as buying sugar, but I  knew that that one was different. That my choice matter and that I believed in it. And that's what I want to live for. Overall, I realized I'm a pro Ethical Consumerism - something I had no idea existed - and that's what I feel aligns with my values.

In my head, I was against all forms of exploitation and all about respecting human rights, loving and taking care of the environment, but I wasn't supporting those. I fact, I was demanding some kinds of exploitation with my day-to-day purchases.

After veganism, coming across ethical fashion was the thing that shook my conscious and sparkle even more my passion for having a more sustainable lifestyle.

The research didn't stop back in january. It still continues, I am still learning and regarding fashion it just getting excited because I haven't been buying any clothes in a year or so  - I haven't been needing anything - but I'm getting run out of things to wear. So it's time to start building up a more conscious wardrobe. 

I'm not expert and can't cover much about really specify things regarding ethical consumerism. 
I just wanted to share something that I became interested in and maybe sparkle your interest too in this topic. Now it's your choice whether or not to do research and learn more :)

Let me know if you ever thought about the things I mentioned and how it makes you feel

Lots of hugs, A

Thursday, 29 October 2015

5 of my favourite Instagram accounts - men's edition

It's just me or saying "men's edition" sounds weird? Don't know why but, oh well 

When months ago I did 5 of my favourite Instagram accounts I realized they were all women's accounts so I said I could do another of this favourites for men's accounts.

I had forgotten, but it's finally here :)

I absolutely love Tim's work. 
He captures light and darkness in such an interesting way and his photos end up having a mystery touch that I really like. He also does that with videos

Veganism, nature and adventures? Of course I like that combination 

JP has an amazing feed with photos of epic adventures. I also love his way of living a life of candour.
He recently became a huge inspiration for me when he decided to cycle across the USA. From Los Angeles to New York, he cycled 3500 miles (5 632.704 kilometers)!! 

@connorfranta by Connor
Connor photos tend to relax me and give me a sense of cozy feeling and that's why I love his account 

@stephenmccarty by Stephen
I came across this account not long ago and wow, it blew my mind and it still does. 
Stephen is a chef that posts his creations. Raw vegan cakes and smoothies with insane designs
And for me what he does is pure art

So did you know these accounts?

I realized I follow way more girls and I found that quite interesting as I wasn't conscious about it. And what about you? Which accounts to you follow the most?

Also share some of your favourite instagrammers so I can check them too :)

Lots of hugs, A

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Conversations | University - part 2

Back in december last year I publish a post called university, about why I decided to take a gap year. And now I kind of feel I need to do an update on that, so here I am :)

So what has changed since that first post?
I got and quitted my first job. I'm slightly more certain of my passions. Started swimming lessons and also driving theory classes. Started to learn I should do what I like.
I'm so glad I decided to take the year off. And this year so far I met new places and new people but especially learned more about me. It's been a year of self-growth.
Considering all my options, I realized that uni is not something I want so I'm not going to be a university student either this year. And I guess that's ok, but I avoid talking about that since people are kind of forcing me to go to uni with the justification 'because you should', although I've already said I'm not. It seems I have to come up with an instant plan if I'm not going to university. People seem sad because I was a great student and should use the grades I had and go to uni. Or worse, assuming I don't like learning or that I want nothing from life. And in the way they are approaching me, they also seem really concerned about taking charge of my life. Showing no interest in respecting what I want and listening what I've got to say.

It would be really nice, if instead of attacking me - that's really what I feel when the topic uni comes up - they asked me for instance if I'm happy with this decision, asked why I choose not going or really just even listening and giving me the space to share my thoughts would be great.

I want to do more decisions based on my own wants because I really realized that 'what's right for one person isn't necessarily best for another'. And there are so many more options I want to try and just thinking about them gets me super excited. Totally the opposite of imagining myself at uni.

I'm not saying university wouldn't benefit me in any way, there's really not the case. I know about lots of people that say that their best years were in university, loved their courses and felt that they wanted to work in a certain area for the rest of their lives. And obviously there's nothing wrong with that, but there's also nothing wrong feeling you don't fit into that category.
Could university be a good experience? Of course it could, but what I decide to do instead could be an even better experience. It's a matter of choice and uni is not my choice for now.

I've been learning that there's nothing wrong with not pursuing the same path that someone else does and following my gut. That being a huge unexpected thing for me, because I'm the kind of person that always tend to do a lot of thinking, feeling the need to have everything figured out and know exactly what to expect. So at this moment, it's feels really good allowing myself to let go part of that and be more opened to not having a "proper" plan or not knowing all the answers. It's so flipping scary, but I'm kind of liking this uncertainty because I'm realizing there's a universe of opportunities.

I truly want to experience all this world around me and I really don't think I'm going to do that sitting in a room trying to get grades that don't show nothing about me and the actual world or how to live out there.

So the answer to what do I want to do? I'm creating it and I'm truly content doing it

Lots of hugs, A

Friday, 2 October 2015

Headphones - Chillout playlist

Wow, almost four months but I'm back. I'm so excited to be back!!

Today sharing my favourite playlist - in constant growth - for the nights I sit on the balcony admiring the sky and thinking about the universe, or simply for when I lie in bed with my eyes closed and being in my little world soaking in the music.

Here you have like 2 hours of music. Enjoy :)

The list:
Matt Corby & Bree Tranter - Big Eyes
Ben Howard - Promise
New Empire - Relight The Fire (Live Acoustic)
Sam Garrett - Higher Than The Mountains
Sam Garrett - Hope (Acoustic)
Sam Garrett - Brave Beautiful Animals
Sam Garrett - Don't Let Go
Birdy - People Help The People
Birdy - Wings (Acoustic)
Daniela Andrade & Dabin - Eternal Sunshine (Cover)
Gabrielle Aplin - Salvation
Kwabs - Perfect Ruin
Oh Wonder - Livewire
Oh Wonder - Heart Hope
Passenger - Heart's On Fire
Passenger - When We Were Young
Selah Sue - Time
Shannon Saunders - Creatures
Sierra Noble Ft. Michael Logen - Human After All
Ally Rhodes - Own Yourself
Zach Berkman - Nothing Is Wrong
William Fitzsimmons & Priscilla Ahn - I Don't Feel It Anymore
Alex G - Too Far
James Vincent McMorrow - We Don't Eat
Mikkel Solnado - Get Up (Acoustic)
James Bay - Incomplete
OneRepublic - Life In Color (London Sessions 2012)
Hozier - Cherry Wine (Live)
Coldplay - O (Fly On)

I have this playlist directly on my phone so that's how I listen to it, but please tell me if there's any platform/app you prefer for playlists. My SD card would appreciate it. Also, any other platform that I can use to share playlists instead of YouTube?

Did you discover any new artists or songs from this playlist?
Let me know some of you favourites songs to chill out too.

Lots of hugs, A

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Conversations | Had enough

When I want to make a big change I like to write about it, as a statement and reminder for how something makes me feel and why I want to change it. Helps me to evaluate things, think better and take a little bit of weight off my mind. And with the blog I can also share it so that's awesome

So get ready! The rambling will start

On June 14 I saw Jessie J live and since then that some of the things she said during the concert got stuck in my head. Among other things, I loved the message she spread about loving ourselves. It's been almost a month, but her words are still in my head. 'Be selfish' she said, and that's what I need to be more. Stop thinking too much about others and neglect myself.
I've thought about this before, but I'm now seeing and applying it to different areas of my life.

And the thing is,

It seems that I'm a fake black person, because my skin says so but I don't act like one and apart from my skin I don't look like one too. I'm an oreo. I can't like the things I do because they are usually the things people from other ethnicities like.

Phrases like 'you don't look like a black person', 'can you speak like a black person?' and 'can you act like a black person?' have been part of my life. Also, been accepting them without being aware of it, but now they are bothering and even hurting me. Something that I barely thought relating it to myself.

I'm unlike other black people. My body doesn't fit the "black woman body type".
I should know how to dance.
My hair is so different. I can't straight it because it seems like my skin colour tells my hair is not naturally straight so I can't have or like it that way. When is curly is not even because I like it, but really because I'm embracing my nature. Either one, the asks I get are 'Is that your real hair? Can I touch it?'.
The ultimate thing was when I got into Veganism. 'Are you vegan? Black people aren't vegans'
That's what people say

So what to do or say after those comments? I simply don't know how to react so I laugh. And I think my biggest problem is laughing because it seems I'm accepting them and people start to say them more often. And something I feel is that people don't respect or value what I say. Which for a long time made me feel inferior, not worthy and that's all my fault because I allowed that.

If I saw someone going through hearing those things I would speak for them, so why do I accept it when people direct it to myself? That doesn't make sense 

Having a darker skin color got and still gets me through a kind of criticism that I can't understand, but I never saw those comments in the way I'm thinking about them now, because I never thought deeply about them and just assumed they were the norm, because hey I have been listening to them all my life.
I got used and easily let myself go in that flow of hiding who I am and trying to justify my tastes.

Through those comments people are saying that I can't be who I am because of my skin color *dah*
But what do they want me to do about my skin colour? Change it? Or change the person I am so I can please they idea about people with the same skin colour as me?

Explain me. What the hell 'act like a *insert ethnicity* means'. Really, what exactly does that mean?
Don't know about you, but when I look to someone's skin I can't see who she is, the things she likes or could do. We are saying 'He likes electronic music because is skin colour says so', how pathetic is that?. Can you really guess what people like by looking at them?
I referred music because apparently my skin tone also tells the type of music I should like. But I won't accept people telling me that or other prejudices anymore.
Skin colours don't show who we are. It's literally just skin coloration

Looking from approval and trying to fit in, I tend do fight against myself and hide the way I feel, but now I'm making peace with myself and gaining confidence to simply be me and stop with the 'I need approval' thing.
Since the beginning of the year that I'm in this journey of knowing and accepting myself (it's getting easier) and I'm also realizing that a lot of posts I wrote before lead me little by little to where I am today. 

And what I'm trying to say is. Don't accept people to tell you what you can or not be. Like or not like, especially based on the way you look.
Now I do realize that once you let it happen, it will certainly happen again. For a long time I allowed people to treat me in the way they wanted so now I have a lot of work to "impose" myself and change that, but first I need to treat me right too.

" I have spent many years at war with myself. 
But now I am healing. 
Mentally, physically and spiritually healing. " 

That's it. Feeling super revolutionary and powerful now :p

Lots of hugs, A

Friday, 5 June 2015


First of all, happy new month :)
It's already June?! That's insane

I know. Just after saying I wanted to spend more time here, I disappear. How awesome am I?

I've been expending more hours/week at work, plus working on Saturdays. I had a rough time dealing with that and I feel extra tired and stressed. Don't know how many weeks I'll be working extra hours, but at least I'm not working the next two Saturdays for sure (yay).

Haven't done much besides work. Finished 30 Days of Yoga - would you like a post about it? - and started Insanity Workout last Monday.
Don't really know what to tell you about my current life, so let me know about yours, maybe?! What have you been up to?

Also, some questions for you. As a help for spending more time here, I would like to know wich topic posts to you prefer to read:
- the ones about my favourites songs/artists, youtubers and videos?
- would you like me to take more care of some forgotten categories like Closet and Kitchen?
My view on fashion has changed a lot since I first started the blog and already attempted to write about it, but kind of failed to express it 
I started Kitchen to share recipes and I do cook a lot but I don't remember to register the whole process and don't always make good looking meals, worthy of being photographed. But I can try
- oh and what about Reminders? Haven't done one in a long time 
- or would you like more posts for Conversations? More personal texts? About my experiences, dreams, thoughts

Feel free to say what you think and let me know what do you want to read about

Lots of hugs, A

Friday, 22 May 2015

Plans for the next months

Was here thinking about the things I want to do in the next months and decided to write them in a blog post form and share it.


I started 2015 with lots of things I wanted to do and I haven't been thinking much about them or doing them. But something clicked and I got like 'no, no way I will end this year thinking about all the things I wanted to do but didn't', so the idea was let's star to make a list of those things and make them vividly in my mind again. And that's some of the things I want to do

Spend more time in the blog - organise, post more, change the layout/design, comments section, add a photo and social medias buttons, connect with you. I want to change plenty of things here, but for that I kind of need to take 1/2 days just for it as I want to try and do it all myself. I love this place and all the time I get to spend here

Seeing Jessie J live on june 14  - already got my ticket!! It will be my first big concert and I'm super excited

Start Insanity Workout - right now I'm doing 30 days of Yoga and after that I want to give Insanity a 3rd try. I try it last year for the first time but gave up after just 1 week and on a second try made it through 1 month and 1 week or so but started travelling and couldn't do it anymore

1st festival and camp experience - that would be Nos Alive in july. Not 100% sure yet but I want it so bad and I'm working to make it happen

Woofing - a volunteer exchange related to sustainable and organic farms/properties that I came across last year. This isn't a date planned thing yet, but I really want to make it happen this year. I'm starting to do proper research and see if I can join

And what about your plans for the next months? 
What do you want to accomplish?

Lots of hugs, A

Friday, 15 May 2015

10 of my favourite things to do + bonus

Wanted to post but had no idea of what to post about(?). So instead of thinking too much and probably end up not posting, I decided to just make a list of some of the things I love to do and share it.

Here are 10 of my favourite things to do
  • Listen to music
  • Watch youtube videos
  • Read blogs
  • Eating fruit
  • Sit in the sun - even perfect while eating fruit 
  • Write 
  • Travel
  • Being alone
  • Exercise
  • Try a new recipe out

  • Yoga - part of my daily routine since may 1 and I'm loving it

I hope you liked to know a bit more about the things I like to do. 
Do we share any common favourites?
And what are your favourite things to do? Let me know in the comments section

Lots of hugs, A

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

A super random post, but I need to share this.

Yesterday I came across a mind-blowing youtube channel.
I watched a video without quite understanding what was the channel about and then 'wow, just wow'

You know that feeling of finding exactly what you needed? Exactly
When you find something capable of resembling exactly what you feel? Yeah

I'm talking about The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. Described as a 'web series that defines newly invented words for strangely powerful emotions'.

I find this idea magical!!

If you watch any videos let me know which words you can relate the most. 
Also did you already know this channel?

Lots of hugs, A

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

5 of my favourite Instagram accounts

Instagram is my favourite social media and source of inspiration. I love it and as I'm always looking for accounts to follow I thought you might like it too so why not share some of my favourite accounts? In case you never came across them

Picking just 5 accounts was quite a hard task, but I did it! Just don't ask for a preference order

Going through them to choose the photos I realized that these accounts are quite similar so I started to think about why I follow all of them. They are like all about my favourite things so definitely have something in common but I related to them for different reasons

I follow a lot of vegan/plant-based accounts, but Steph's THE one. Steph was the first vegan young person I came across with exactly when I was thinking of changing my diet and looking for inspiration. When I find out her account I got amazed by the fact she was only 18 just like me at the time

@lemontierres by Sjoukje
Between photos of people, food, flowers and places Sjoukje's feed is so light, fresh and simple 
That's why I love it

@anniejaffrey by Annie
Annie is not new around here and I love like everything she does. You probably already know I love her, but if not read this and you will understand why

@nicoleeddy by Nicole
All about surf, nature, adventures and Cape Town
I loveeeeee Nicole's photos

Nature, veganism, positivity and great reminders
Ella's feed is amazing! Aw I love it!!

Besides owing beautiful accounts and all the inspiration they give me, these ladies seem to be amazing beings and super fun to be around with so I'm forever wishing they were my friends!!

And no, I don't follow just girls. While preparing this post I realized that all the accounts I pick belong to girls so I might do another '5 of my favourite Instagram accounts' post dedicated to boys.

I loved putting together this post, so let me know if you like it and I will do something similar again

Also share some of your favourite Instagram accounts in the comments sections

Lots of hugs, A

    Saturday, 25 April 2015

    First time in London

    Hello. Yeah, I know, I've been an awesome blogger. Shame on me
    Buuutt!! I'm posting today! :)

    Last weekend I flew to London for the first time and as I took a bunch of photos I decided to share some of them, just for fun.

    I only spent 2 full days there so I didn't explore the city that much but that just leaves me with an excuse to get back ;)

    Let me know if you want to see more photos

    Lots of hugs, A

    Monday, 6 April 2015

    Reminders | Smile

    A reminder in video form today!!
    The video speaks for itself

    This video gives me a sense of happiness every time I see it. I bet you smiled at least once watching it. And I also bet it felt good so do it more often

    Happy week :)

    Lots of hugs, A

    Sunday, 5 April 2015

    About me

    Ever wonder how I look like? If so, here it is

    You have no idea of how nervous I am writing this, but 2015 being the year of building self-confidence, overcome my insecurities and get out of my comfort zone, let's do it.
    Took these photos weeks ago with this post idea on my mind but the fear didn't let me publish them earlier. Is 2 am and today is the day, just decided it minutes ago

    So who is the girl that sends lots of hugs in every single post? Who is the person behind Volatile Love?

    When I started the blog I wanted to it anonymously. Only writing my name was a big step so sharing a photo had to take more time

    That's me trying to take a selfie. Definitely awkward 
    - Also no idea why the wall is so dark in the 1st photo - 

    Never shared a photo before because I'm a behind the camera person, so photos of myself rarely happens but the main reason was that I wanted people to like or not the blog just through the posts. And I also feared - and I'm still a little bit - that some people could find the blog and get to know I am the one writing it.

    That's also why I never shared my social medias. But now that I'm trying to overcome my fears I decided to share them. I decided to create brand new accounts, new accounts because the old ones weren't in English, but also because I wasn't posting anything for months and just couldn't see myself getting back to those old accounts.
    Twitter, instagram and tumblr. New spaces for a start fresh!!

    So you can get to know me a bit more, there's a list of 5 random things about me:
    - I love butterflies
    - I wear glasses 
    - I was born in Cape Verde on January 16th 1996
    - I live in Portugal since I was 5
    - I was meant to be named Vanessa

    Now it's your turn, let me know 5 random things about yourself
    Also, feel free to share your social medias accounts in the comments section. Just so you know, I'm crazy about instagram and tumblr accounts so I would love to check yours

    Lots of hugs, A

    Sunday, 29 March 2015

    Conversations | Changing

    Hey there!! So, how have you been?

    I've been thinking about blog post ideas and also writing some posts, but not feeling like publish them. But today I feel like sharing a text that I started to write weeks ago and I've been writing day by day, as I was finding and feeling things. Let's ready it?

    I always saw myself as curious and always thought a lot about things, but now I'm on a whole new level. I'm constantly craving for new information.

    I find myself constantly searching for new things, wanting to see more and learn more. Films, series, youtube channels, blogs, plant-based lifestyle, health, ethics, everything. At the same time I want to be aware of the things I already know, but I can't find time for everything. As always time is on my way, against me, taking advance and winning. I know I can't control it so the only way is to adapt.

    I think this is just a result of me wanting to change so much and be the best person I can. Sometimes I feel I may be exaggerating, but I also feel I should and can do more, I can be better so I think I should do everything I can to accomplish that.

    I've been learning a lot about the environment, healthy living and some things about the clothing industry. Discovering issues I didn't even know existed. Some of them make me feel cheated by society and asking 'why this information is not on the news?' or 'why I never thought about this?'. Things that mess up with my mind

    The only situation I can think of to explain what I'm feeling is saying that I wish I could clear my mind, go to an empty place by myself and start adding what I need around me. I feel that I need to erase everything, but I also feel that I need this background and everything I'm going through right now to things make sense (??).

    I'm okay. Happy to discover these things, but I need to learn to organize them in my life. My mind is a mess, in some aspects a happy mess but not completely happy and understanding what's going on.

    I'm becoming more conscious of the things around me and especially of the ones I can't physically see, but I know they happen somewhere. I've been thinking more and more about the impact my lifestyle has on others people's lives.
    I'm re-evaluating my values and what I believe on. I'm finally starting to think about my dreams and how to make them happen.
    All these things are given me a new perspective on life. I'm changing and apart from not knowing exactly what to do, I'm kind of loving it. I feel like a whole new person.

    I'm still trying to understand all these things but later on I would love to share them in the blog.
    As I don't feel I can talk about this to people around me, I like to write about it and share it here because I feel I'm actually sharing it with someone and it just feels good putting my thoughts and feelings out there.

    This was all about me, but and what about you? Have you ever feel like this? Any changes recently? Which new information have you been discovering? And how you deal with it?

    Also, speaking of change, I'm thinking of changing the comment system and start using Disqus, but what do you think? Should I?

    Well, a lot of questions on this post but I really would like to read your answers and get to know your opinions. So please say something

    Lots of hugs, A

    Wednesday, 11 March 2015

    James Bay

    James Bay appeared on my youtube subscriptions feed last year with Forever because of BBC Radio 1 and got me like 'hum I don't know this guy so let's check him out', but I had no idea I was going to fell in love this much.

    I'm actually listening his songs right now! On repeat since I woke up!

    I think If You Ever Want To Be In Love is my favourite song, somehow it puts me in a good mood and I can't help dancing a little bit and singing along. But I absolutely love Let It Go, Move Together, Stealing Cars, When We Were On Fire, Heavy Handed, Hold Back The River, Hear Your Heart and I guess all the others songs too.

    I don't have much more to say about James Bay. I just love him, his long hair and his hat, his voice and his songs. I'm mean, he is pretty awesome!

    Fingers crossed I'm seeing him and also Sam Smith live in July!!

    Are you a James Bay fan? Let me know what you think about his songs

    Lots of hugs, A

    Sunday, 8 March 2015

    Kitchen | Banana Nice Cream

    I'm sure you already know about banana nice cream because it's all around the internet but if not, this post is for you. 

    I only came across nice creams when I was thinking about changing my eating habits. Until then, I had no idea bananas had this power. I wasn't a plant eater when I first tried nice cream, but I loved it and got me like 'Yeah, I can totally live without ice cream'

    I don't know about you, but I always loved ice cream, but I also always felt guilty after eating it or restricted the amount I could eat. But not anymore

    If you love ice cream I'm sure you'll love nice cream. Why wouldn't you? No bad sugars, no dairy, no fats, no preservatives or anything unhealthy. It's nice, healthy and delicious!! 

    This is so simple and easy to do that I don't even know if I can call it a recipe. Simply blend frozen bananas and you get left with a super rich, creamy and yummy frozen treat. Yeah, that simple!

    - peel, cut and freeze ripe bananas -

    - blend the bananas until cream texture -  


    I love plain banana nice cream but you can use it as a base and for extra flavour add more ingredients (blueberries are amazing) and toppings.
    Also, if you don't like bananas you can mix instead mangos, papayas, persimmons. There's plenty of recipes out there!!

    Check out Steph's instagram for the most good looking nice creams

    Spring is coming (yay). The weather is getting warmer and I can't wait to eat banana nice cream for breakfast and lunch without freezing!!

    Have you ever tried banana nice cream? If not, please give it a try

    Lots of hugs, A 

    Sunday, 1 March 2015

    A 30-day challenge

    Hiii!! I hope you're doing great!
    For today I just have a super quick and short post.

    I'm starting a 30-day challenge tomorrow and I feel like sharing it with you, so here I am. It's a minimalism challenge that I randomly came across in January on Bloglovin and got me intrigued by Minimalism. By the way, anyone interested in Minimalism?

    I love this kind of daily challenges and this one seems pretty interesting so I'm super curious to see what changes and how I'm going to feel during and after it. 

    Into Mind

    Do you like this kind of challenges? Also, did you know this particular challenge?
    Is anyone joining me?

    Happy new month! :)

    Lots of hugs, A

    Monday, 23 February 2015

    Reminders | Be more spontaneous

    I'm not particularly spontaneous, but spontaneous people are some of my favourites, I admire them.
    I tend to think too much about the next thing to do. I think about ridiculous little things, every consequence and so on. It makes me feel in control and I guess I fear losing that. But last week someone said to me 'Everything that you will earn in life is on the other side of that fear', which makes total sense so I really want to start learning to overcome my fears.

    I don't even think I like routines but when the opportunity for some spontaneity comes I just can't say 'yes' and I would really just like to say 'yes' to some random opportunities and go with the flow.
    I'm the worst at saying 'yes' to last-minute invitations, I hesitate and end up convincing myself I need to do something else.

    I remember I felt good on the occasions I allowed myself to be spontaneous and I want more of that in my life.
    I want to learn to enjoy and have fun without thinking too much. I want to try different things, taking a risk, step away from my comfort zone. I want to just do something and see where it takes me

    So let's

    Watercolor banner designed by Laura

    This is my task for the week.
    I feel it will bring me more joy 

    Are you the spontaneous kind of people? Or not really?

    Lots of hugs, A

    Saturday, 21 February 2015

    Sam Garrett

    Someone which songs I didn't like at all.
    I came across his SoundCloud somehow last year and at first I was like 'Nah, I don't like this', but 1 or 2 months later I came across his songs again and fell in love - thanks to some of Ben's Visual Vibes.
    I couldn't believe it was the same Sam Garrett from months ago, I mean how can my tastes change that quick? I have no idea, but now I'm like 'How could I not love his songs?'

    I think Hope is my favourite, but I kind of feel bad saying that as I love all of them. Can they all be my favourites? Yeah, let's say 'yes'

    His songs put me in a zen mode. I feel they are all about positive vibes, love, celebrating life, nature and yourself. Also, his voice is so relaxing to listen to.

    Did you already know Sam's songs?
    If not, go check them out on SoundCloud and let me know what you think

    Happy weekend!! :) 

    Lots of hugs, A

    Monday, 16 February 2015

    Reminders | Be yourself

    When 'be yourself' got stuck in my mind and I was like 'ok, this is going to be the next reminder', the first thing that came up to me was to read the reminders Love yourself more and Say what you think because I felt they had to do with it. But I realized I wasn't exactly thinking about the message 'be yourself' when I wrote them so here I am actually thinking and writing about it today.

    How often do you not say or do something because you're worried about what others may think? In the past weeks I've been thinking a lot about it and came to the conclusion I do it more often than I'd like.

    How much me I am? How many times do I neglect myself to please others and fit in? Do I show myself as I am? And what about you?

    I don't want to live by others standards. I really need to stop looking for approval and trying to please everyone. I want to live without worrying too much about how I appear to others and what they might think or say about me. Because I've already realized I'm not happy in that way.

    In the past weeks I've noticed changes in the way I see myself and I'm loving it. I'm starting to build up self-confidence and self-love, which leads me to believe in myself and I've never felt so empowered.

    Things are becoming clearer and little by little I'm starting to know and accept myself. I didn't wake up filled up with confidence, I'm working on it and I think it's all about prioritizing ourselves and saying 'ok, I need to focus more on myself and just be exactly who I want'.

    Am I weird? Ok, I'm going to embrace that weirdness. There's really no need to be ashamed to like what you like or not like what others do, don't be afraid to be who you are. To songs, clothes, movies, food, dreams and everything else.

    So in case you hadn't already guessed, this week's reminder is 

    Floral wreath design by Audrey

    'Be yourself, everyone else is already taken'
    - Oscar Wilde
    Happy week!! :)

    Lots of hugs, A

    Saturday, 14 February 2015

    Youtubers | Dan The Director

    Ben introduce me to Dan's Youtube channel a couple of months ago and the first video I decided to watch was 'Press Play, Smile' and I can say for sure that it was a great first impression.

    After that video I became a subscriber and watched all the others videos. At the time he had the channel in standby mode so I was just following him through instagram and Ben's vlogs in South Africa.
    Recently he got back to the channel uploading weekly videos (yay) and last Wednesday released a video that has become my favourite. The video I'm talking about is the one below, features my favourite youtuber and I may have cried a little bit while watching it. 

    This video got me emotional and made me think a lot about my life 

    Besides his talent as a filmmaker (sooo creative), Dan's energy is contagious and I love his positivity and love for life. He's a truly inspirational person

    Can't wait to see what his channel brings!!
    Did you already know Dan's channel?

    See you on Monday!

    Lots of hugs, A