Thursday, 29 October 2015

5 of my favourite Instagram accounts - men's edition

It's just me or saying "men's edition" sounds weird? Don't know why but, oh well 

When months ago I did 5 of my favourite Instagram accounts I realized they were all women's accounts so I said I could do another of this favourites for men's accounts.

I had forgotten, but it's finally here :)

I absolutely love Tim's work. 
He captures light and darkness in such an interesting way and his photos end up having a mystery touch that I really like. He also does that with videos

Veganism, nature and adventures? Of course I like that combination 

JP has an amazing feed with photos of epic adventures. I also love his way of living a life of candour.
He recently became a huge inspiration for me when he decided to cycle across the USA. From Los Angeles to New York, he cycled 3500 miles (5 632.704 kilometers)!! 

@connorfranta by Connor
Connor photos tend to relax me and give me a sense of cozy feeling and that's why I love his account 

@stephenmccarty by Stephen
I came across this account not long ago and wow, it blew my mind and it still does. 
Stephen is a chef that posts his creations. Raw vegan cakes and smoothies with insane designs
And for me what he does is pure art

So did you know these accounts?

I realized I follow way more girls and I found that quite interesting as I wasn't conscious about it. And what about you? Which accounts to you follow the most?

Also share some of your favourite instagrammers so I can check them too :)

Lots of hugs, A

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