Monday, 23 February 2015

Reminders | Be more spontaneous

I'm not particularly spontaneous, but spontaneous people are some of my favourites, I admire them.
I tend to think too much about the next thing to do. I think about ridiculous little things, every consequence and so on. It makes me feel in control and I guess I fear losing that. But last week someone said to me 'Everything that you will earn in life is on the other side of that fear', which makes total sense so I really want to start learning to overcome my fears.

I don't even think I like routines but when the opportunity for some spontaneity comes I just can't say 'yes' and I would really just like to say 'yes' to some random opportunities and go with the flow.
I'm the worst at saying 'yes' to last-minute invitations, I hesitate and end up convincing myself I need to do something else.

I remember I felt good on the occasions I allowed myself to be spontaneous and I want more of that in my life.
I want to learn to enjoy and have fun without thinking too much. I want to try different things, taking a risk, step away from my comfort zone. I want to just do something and see where it takes me

So let's

Watercolor banner designed by Laura

This is my task for the week.
I feel it will bring me more joy 

Are you the spontaneous kind of people? Or not really?

Lots of hugs, A

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Sam Garrett

Someone which songs I didn't like at all.
I came across his SoundCloud somehow last year and at first I was like 'Nah, I don't like this', but 1 or 2 months later I came across his songs again and fell in love - thanks to some of Ben's Visual Vibes.
I couldn't believe it was the same Sam Garrett from months ago, I mean how can my tastes change that quick? I have no idea, but now I'm like 'How could I not love his songs?'

I think Hope is my favourite, but I kind of feel bad saying that as I love all of them. Can they all be my favourites? Yeah, let's say 'yes'

His songs put me in a zen mode. I feel they are all about positive vibes, love, celebrating life, nature and yourself. Also, his voice is so relaxing to listen to.

Did you already know Sam's songs?
If not, go check them out on SoundCloud and let me know what you think

Happy weekend!! :) 

Lots of hugs, A

Monday, 16 February 2015

Reminders | Be yourself

When 'be yourself' got stuck in my mind and I was like 'ok, this is going to be the next reminder', the first thing that came up to me was to read the reminders Love yourself more and Say what you think because I felt they had to do with it. But I realized I wasn't exactly thinking about the message 'be yourself' when I wrote them so here I am actually thinking and writing about it today.

How often do you not say or do something because you're worried about what others may think? In the past weeks I've been thinking a lot about it and came to the conclusion I do it more often than I'd like.

How much me I am? How many times do I neglect myself to please others and fit in? Do I show myself as I am? And what about you?

I don't want to live by others standards. I really need to stop looking for approval and trying to please everyone. I want to live without worrying too much about how I appear to others and what they might think or say about me. Because I've already realized I'm not happy in that way.

In the past weeks I've noticed changes in the way I see myself and I'm loving it. I'm starting to build up self-confidence and self-love, which leads me to believe in myself and I've never felt so empowered.

Things are becoming clearer and little by little I'm starting to know and accept myself. I didn't wake up filled up with confidence, I'm working on it and I think it's all about prioritizing ourselves and saying 'ok, I need to focus more on myself and just be exactly who I want'.

Am I weird? Ok, I'm going to embrace that weirdness. There's really no need to be ashamed to like what you like or not like what others do, don't be afraid to be who you are. To songs, clothes, movies, food, dreams and everything else.

So in case you hadn't already guessed, this week's reminder is 

Floral wreath design by Audrey

'Be yourself, everyone else is already taken'
- Oscar Wilde
Happy week!! :)

Lots of hugs, A

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Youtubers | Dan The Director

Ben introduce me to Dan's Youtube channel a couple of months ago and the first video I decided to watch was 'Press Play, Smile' and I can say for sure that it was a great first impression.

After that video I became a subscriber and watched all the others videos. At the time he had the channel in standby mode so I was just following him through instagram and Ben's vlogs in South Africa.
Recently he got back to the channel uploading weekly videos (yay) and last Wednesday released a video that has become my favourite. The video I'm talking about is the one below, features my favourite youtuber and I may have cried a little bit while watching it. 

This video got me emotional and made me think a lot about my life 

Besides his talent as a filmmaker (sooo creative), Dan's energy is contagious and I love his positivity and love for life. He's a truly inspirational person

Can't wait to see what his channel brings!!
Did you already know Dan's channel?

See you on Monday!

Lots of hugs, A

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A cactus

I never thought I'd do a post about a cactus, but here we are.
Last Sunday I was food shopping at the supermarket when I came across with coloured cactus. It was love at first sight and when I realized that each colour had a different meaning I just felt I should take one home so I did it. Beautiful, meaningful and 1,99€ each. Of course I had to buy at least one.

I love everything that involves colours and meanings. By the way, anyone had one of those rings that changed colours depending on your mood? I can tell you I had a few. They clearly changed colours and I loved that magic. You know if they still around or something?

So now, into the cactus. According to the brand they sell 7 different colors but I couldn't find them all at the supermarket so I'm definitely going back to see if I can find the other colours as I kind of want all of them. Fingers crossed I can find them again!

I bought a green cactus, meaning hope and growth. I've choosed it because hope and growth are two things that I want present in my life. I really want a yellow one too, that means intelligence and energy.

I don't know anything about cactus so I have no idea of what should I do. Do they need some kind of special treatment? Should I water it? Will it grow? Are coloured cactus natural? 
Also, what's the plural form of cactus? Cacti, cactuses or cactus? I choose 'cactus' but I have no idea if it's right.
I'm seriously starting to research about cactus now!!

Should I name my cactus?
Do you have a pet cactus? Or any kind of plant?
Let me know!!

Lots of hugs, A 

Sunday, 8 February 2015

2 weeks later

Hellooooo!! Is super late but I wanted to do a quick post. 
I have missed you and the blog like crazy so I'm super happy to be back.
I'm starting to get back on track and actually learning and practicing time management. By the way, big thanks to Elizabeth and Emma for trying to help me!! Sending squeeze hugs for both of you!!

Since I dropped my phone in water I've been using a spare phone that I thought it was just a basic one to write texts, make calls, listening to music. Turns out I can watch youtube videos and even download some apps. Has a super tiny screen, but I can deal with that, I can access internet so it's all good.

This weekend I've managed to do some cleaning, food shopping, catch up with youtube videos and blog posts, watch a movie and 3 soap operas, organized ideas for future posts, took photos and started to learn some edit skills. Can you tell how proud I am? I've managed to do the majority of the things I wanted and it feels sooo good!!

So what's changed?
I started to think a lot about why I don't do things if they make me feel better, why I struggle so much to organize my time knowing I will feel good after it? Every morning I struggle to get out of bed but I know that if I don't I will feel bad because I wasted part of my day. So why do I hesitate so much?

I often don't do things that I know will make me feel good and that doesn't make any sense because I should just do them. I'm pretty conscious on that but still can't work it out completely. Convincing myself that I should do them is the hardest part, but once I do it things get pretty easy and that's what I'm starting to learn.

And what about you? Do you feel this too?
Plus, how have you been? What have you been up to in the past 2 weeks?

Let me know in the comments. Let's chat!!

Lots of hugs, A