*English is not my first language but I've decided to challenge myself and start a blog in English*

More than 10 blog names crossed my mind during the process of choosing one but I've decide to stick with Volatile Love because I think life is about love (loving things, people, places, moments) and it is volatile, not in a bad way. Life is in constant motion, people change, things happen but life goes on and we are always growing

Volatile Love is about learning to live in the present, to let go of the past, stop overthinking about the future and just enjoy the now


Conversations - Where I post random thoughts. Me rambling about different topics

Headphones - Music and YouTube are a huge part of my life so this category is mostly about some of my favourites songs and youtubers – expect diversity. I can barely hear music or watch videos without my earphones so basically the name of this category defines my life

Closet - The Fashion side of this blog, very simple and easy-going. About the way I see Fashion and my non-defined style 

RemindersNotes to self every Monday. About positive messages, having happy thoughts and doing something for ourselves

Kitchen - About experiences with food. A category full of plant-based foods and here I share the easy and yummy foods I eat. I cook with an idea in mind and by trial and error, I just put some things together and create meals


  1. I love your blog, please check out mine www.stickybudd.weebly.com

    1. Oh, thank you!! Really, that means a lot!!
      I will :)

      Lots of hugs, A


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