Saturday, 13 February 2016

Food for thought | Values

What are our values?
Can we clearly identify them?
Do they change from time to time?
Are they representing our lives?
Perhaps we need to change them
Or maybe even our lifestyles
Is it that clear? Are we conscious about that?

Also, how interesting that we value different things?
And how weird that a "wrong value" for some can be view as not that wrong?
And the same with "good values" not being that good for others

I know my values have been in conflict lately

What's all about the contradictions between values and some behaviors?
Why? How to solve them?

Which values have more value? Or are they all equal?
Isn't always one more important than the other?

Do I get to decide that?
I don't know

I tend to keep things in different boxes so once they get mixed up my mind gets mixed up too
That confusion installs himself and gets partying in my head
Not a happy party for me though
But eventually it starts to calm down
When? I'm not sure

Just some stuff I have been thinking about.

Lots of hugs, A

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