Wednesday, 29 April 2015

5 of my favourite Instagram accounts

Instagram is my favourite social media and source of inspiration. I love it and as I'm always looking for accounts to follow I thought you might like it too so why not share some of my favourite accounts? In case you never came across them

Picking just 5 accounts was quite a hard task, but I did it! Just don't ask for a preference order

Going through them to choose the photos I realized that these accounts are quite similar so I started to think about why I follow all of them. They are like all about my favourite things so definitely have something in common but I related to them for different reasons

I follow a lot of vegan/plant-based accounts, but Steph's THE one. Steph was the first vegan young person I came across with exactly when I was thinking of changing my diet and looking for inspiration. When I find out her account I got amazed by the fact she was only 18 just like me at the time

@lemontierres by Sjoukje
Between photos of people, food, flowers and places Sjoukje's feed is so light, fresh and simple 
That's why I love it

@anniejaffrey by Annie
Annie is not new around here and I love like everything she does. You probably already know I love her, but if not read this and you will understand why

@nicoleeddy by Nicole
All about surf, nature, adventures and Cape Town
I loveeeeee Nicole's photos

Nature, veganism, positivity and great reminders
Ella's feed is amazing! Aw I love it!!

Besides owing beautiful accounts and all the inspiration they give me, these ladies seem to be amazing beings and super fun to be around with so I'm forever wishing they were my friends!!

And no, I don't follow just girls. While preparing this post I realized that all the accounts I pick belong to girls so I might do another '5 of my favourite Instagram accounts' post dedicated to boys.

I loved putting together this post, so let me know if you like it and I will do something similar again

Also share some of your favourite Instagram accounts in the comments sections

Lots of hugs, A

    Saturday, 25 April 2015

    First time in London

    Hello. Yeah, I know, I've been an awesome blogger. Shame on me
    Buuutt!! I'm posting today! :)

    Last weekend I flew to London for the first time and as I took a bunch of photos I decided to share some of them, just for fun.

    I only spent 2 full days there so I didn't explore the city that much but that just leaves me with an excuse to get back ;)

    Let me know if you want to see more photos

    Lots of hugs, A

    Monday, 6 April 2015

    Reminders | Smile

    A reminder in video form today!!
    The video speaks for itself

    This video gives me a sense of happiness every time I see it. I bet you smiled at least once watching it. And I also bet it felt good so do it more often

    Happy week :)

    Lots of hugs, A

    Sunday, 5 April 2015

    About me

    Ever wonder how I look like? If so, here it is

    You have no idea of how nervous I am writing this, but 2015 being the year of building self-confidence, overcome my insecurities and get out of my comfort zone, let's do it.
    Took these photos weeks ago with this post idea on my mind but the fear didn't let me publish them earlier. Is 2 am and today is the day, just decided it minutes ago

    So who is the girl that sends lots of hugs in every single post? Who is the person behind Volatile Love?

    When I started the blog I wanted to it anonymously. Only writing my name was a big step so sharing a photo had to take more time

    That's me trying to take a selfie. Definitely awkward 
    - Also no idea why the wall is so dark in the 1st photo - 

    Never shared a photo before because I'm a behind the camera person, so photos of myself rarely happens but the main reason was that I wanted people to like or not the blog just through the posts. And I also feared - and I'm still a little bit - that some people could find the blog and get to know I am the one writing it.

    That's also why I never shared my social medias. But now that I'm trying to overcome my fears I decided to share them. I decided to create brand new accounts, new accounts because the old ones weren't in English, but also because I wasn't posting anything for months and just couldn't see myself getting back to those old accounts.
    Twitter, instagram and tumblr. New spaces for a start fresh!!

    So you can get to know me a bit more, there's a list of 5 random things about me:
    - I love butterflies
    - I wear glasses 
    - I was born in Cape Verde on January 16th 1996
    - I live in Portugal since I was 5
    - I was meant to be named Vanessa

    Now it's your turn, let me know 5 random things about yourself
    Also, feel free to share your social medias accounts in the comments section. Just so you know, I'm crazy about instagram and tumblr accounts so I would love to check yours

    Lots of hugs, A