Wednesday, 29 April 2015

5 of my favourite Instagram accounts

Instagram is my favourite social media and source of inspiration. I love it and as I'm always looking for accounts to follow I thought you might like it too so why not share some of my favourite accounts? In case you never came across them

Picking just 5 accounts was quite a hard task, but I did it! Just don't ask for a preference order

Going through them to choose the photos I realized that these accounts are quite similar so I started to think about why I follow all of them. They are like all about my favourite things so definitely have something in common but I related to them for different reasons

I follow a lot of vegan/plant-based accounts, but Steph's THE one. Steph was the first vegan young person I came across with exactly when I was thinking of changing my diet and looking for inspiration. When I find out her account I got amazed by the fact she was only 18 just like me at the time

@lemontierres by Sjoukje
Between photos of people, food, flowers and places Sjoukje's feed is so light, fresh and simple 
That's why I love it

@anniejaffrey by Annie
Annie is not new around here and I love like everything she does. You probably already know I love her, but if not read this and you will understand why

@nicoleeddy by Nicole
All about surf, nature, adventures and Cape Town
I loveeeeee Nicole's photos

Nature, veganism, positivity and great reminders
Ella's feed is amazing! Aw I love it!!

Besides owing beautiful accounts and all the inspiration they give me, these ladies seem to be amazing beings and super fun to be around with so I'm forever wishing they were my friends!!

And no, I don't follow just girls. While preparing this post I realized that all the accounts I pick belong to girls so I might do another '5 of my favourite Instagram accounts' post dedicated to boys.

I loved putting together this post, so let me know if you like it and I will do something similar again

Also share some of your favourite Instagram accounts in the comments sections

Lots of hugs, A


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