Saturday, 24 January 2015

A little update

How are you? News? Exciting things? Let me know in the comments section

This past week was quite hectic for me. I started my first job ever (!!) on Monday so I spend the whole week trying to get used to a new routine and organizing my time, clearly without success.

Also I dropped my phone in water and I had to spend some days looking for a store to repair it but no luck. So no internet out of the house until I get a new phone.

I had no time to write and publish posts, check out and respond to comments, to properly read my favourite blogs or watch my favourite youtubers. So, basically I had no time to do some of my favourite things.

I miss watching youtube videos and reading blogs. I'm feeling disconnected with the things I used to follow every day. And saying I miss these online things makes me think about how much I'm attached to the internet, but let's not start rambling about that now.
Let me know if you feel like this when you spend some days away from the internet.

Help! I need to manage my time and get myself back on track. Any tips?

Just a little post to update you and say I'm still here.
Don't forget to let me know how are you.

Lots of hugs, A

Monday, 19 January 2015

Reminders | Let it go

'Let it go', that popular phrase that became even more popular after Frozen, that by the way I didn't watch yet.

I always saw this phrase all over the internet and thought 'yeah okay, but how do I do it'. I guess I just assumed I wasn't capable of doing such thing, that it wasn't possible. But, luckily, things have changed!

I can't say I fully understand it yet, but I'm here to tell you that it's possible and I made it.

How easy do you let things go? Well, I find it to be a hard task to do and I guess it's because we collect memories and they make us feel attached to moments.

Months ago I would spend too much time thinking about the past and wishing for a brighter future, but I was doing nothing at the present to create that future. I was so attached do the past and the bad things that I couldn't enjoy the now.

Right now I  don't find myself in the past anymore. I wish I had a step-by-step guide to share with you, but I don't. I guess I just decided it was about time do let things go and now they are gone. I realized I had a choice.

Now I understand that there's no need to hold on to things that hurt me (daaah!). Those things won't take me anywhere and they were just occupying space on my mind and stopping me to live. Now I understand that some things need to go in order to others come. We need to make space for new and happy things.

I feel that starting the blog helped me. When I wrote that first post I was finally expressing everything I wanted and putting it out there. That text wasn't just on my mind anymore and I guess that helped.

So, if you are holding on to any past things, please

Try it. Say to yourself 'Got no time for this anymore, I want to let it go', write about what you want to let go and see what happens

Happy Monday :)

Lots of hugs, A

Friday, 16 January 2015

Youtubers | Annie Jaffrey

Happy Friday!! Thought I would share one of my favourite youtubers with you again.

Annie makes videos about things like beauty, fashion and health so her channel is totally different from the other 3 youtubers I've shared before.

I think she was the first health youtuber I came across with, when I was just starting to discover youtubers and she was the one do make me think about my body health. She inspired me to try to eat healthier and take care of my body way before I knew anything about plant-based diet.

Somehow, I lost her and when I found her again she had transitioned to eating 100% raw. At the time, I was already thinking about changing my diet so she inspired and encouraged me to do it even more.

I used to watch her fashion (hauls) and healthy related videos, just because makeup is not my thing and those two topics were my favourites, but nowadays I watch all her videos, even the ones related to beauty (hair, skin, makeup) as I get to know vegan brands (which I love).

I get so much happiness and motivation just from watching her videos. She radiates energy! 
Yeah, you can tell I'm a big fan of her. She has such a positive spirit and seems so friendly. I would love to meet her in person.

The video I've chosen to share with you is quite long, but it's one of my favourite videos of her. I can relate to it a lot

She also has a blog, Instagram and Tumblr accounts that you should definitely check out.

Did you know Annie?

Lots of hugs, A

Monday, 12 January 2015

Reminders | Say what you think

Happy Monday and Happy Week!!

This week's reminder is about voicing our thoughts.
I'm the first to admit that I'm not the best at saying what I think. But I'm also the first one to say that I want to change it.

I've spent through several situations where some people judged me because of the way I see things. With my lack of confidence and my fear of being judged, day after day I left those situations tell me that I shouldn't express my opinions.

I really do struggle to voice my thoughts because I think too much about what people would say about them. I spend a lot of time thinking I'd say the "wrong" thing so I prefer to shut my mouth and don't say a thing.

The main reason to start this blog was to express myself, just say what I wanted to say and share my tastes without the fear of being judged. I can't say I'm already 100% confident, but it's helping a lot and I'm better than I was. 
I'm learning and working on just let out exactly what I feel and say what I need to say. Even if it's hard to say and I encourage you to do the same!

I know it may not work every time but I want to stick with it so let's go. Are you with me?

Lots of hugs, A

Friday, 9 January 2015

Sam Smith

I'm sure you all already know Sam Smith but if you are like me, you didn't like him at first. Obviously not as a person, I just didn't like the first songs I've heard (and I still don't).

Sam got my attention and interest with Latch in acoustic and at first, I couldn't relate he was the same Sam that everyone was crazy about because of La La La with Naughty Boy and Latch with Disclosure. I thought he was some random guy doing covers on Youtube, yes everyone was already crazy about him and I was just starting to discover his songs.

This guy has an incredible voice that I'm super passionate about. I think his voice is so beautiful, emotive and relaxed at the same time. I love to hear his songs in acoustic and at concerts, some of them more than in studio versions. In the meantime, just through YouTube but seeing him live is definitely on my bucket list. What annoys me is that he has already been at a Festival not far from where I live but at the time I didn't know much about him.

Sam was the best surprise of 2014 and definitely my favourite artist of the year, even though I can't say I like all the songs I know.
I can't seriously pick a favourite song. I don't love all of them but I just can't choose a favourite between the ones I like so here's a playlist with all of them, excluding a lot of acoustics and live versions because otherwise this playlist would be 3 times bigger. I hope you enjoy them!

While writing this post I was listening to his songs and just found out some that I didn't know *happy me*

Do you like Sam Smith? What's your favourite song, if you can pick one?

Lots of hugs, A

Monday, 5 January 2015

Reminders | It's nice to be nice

Happy Monday!!
I hated Mondays but now I quite like them. And what about you? Do you like Mondays?

Anyway, this week's reminder is about being nice and encouraging kindness.
I'm sure you like when people are nice to you and so do I but how often are you nice? And how often am I nice? How often do you say good morning to random people? Well, I know that I don't do it as much, but I also know that when I do, I feel good. How many times do you smile at someone? I don't do it as much too but when I do, I feel good.

So why not make more nice things? They make me feel good and probably make others feel good too.
I love when people smile at me or when some asks about how I'm doing, but I don't do those things that often because I think that some people may not like it.

I'm constantly thinking how people would react. And if they don't reply to my good morning? And if they find it awkward me smiling to them and they don't smile back? And if someone doesn't want my help?

I've been thinking that I should do these and others things without expecting a positive response. So from now on I'll try to be nice just because I can and if people appreciate it good, if not, well, that's ok.

I'm talking a lot about being nice to others, but it is also (super) important to be nice to yourself. Let's be nice to everyone but also ourselves, because

            Flower crown clipart from Angie Makes 

Simple things like saying 'thank you', holding the door for someone, smiling or treating yourself right, are a way to be nice but we can often forget them (I'm guilty too). But smalls acts of kindness can make a big difference! 

So let's all be nice and spread positive acts. Who is in? I'm in!!

Lots of hugs, A 

Friday, 2 January 2015

Youtubers | Ben Brown

Happy New Year :)
I hope you are feeling good and ready for an awesome year! Well, I'm quite ill but I'm not feeling that bad, it's just a cold.

Anyway, to start the year with good vibes and be inspired by positive attitude, I encourage you to visit Ben's YouTube channel and watch one of his vlogs, I'm sure you'll like it!

I know Ben's channel since 2013 because of Louis, but to be honest, for a long time, I didn't like his vlogs (I'm not quite sure why) and I would only watch them when Louis appeared.

I guess that I started to actually follow his vlogs early in 2014 (and realized that I was missing a lot of good stuff) and now he's one of my favourite youtubers, no doubts! Besides daily vlogs, he also does Visual Vibes films from time to time, some incredible videos.

Ben is an awesome guy and I'm always looking forward to watching his vlogs and follow his adventures. He does an amazing job as a film maker. Plus he's an awesome photographer (you should check out his tumblr and instagram).

Did you already know Ben?

Lots of hugs, A