Sunday, 8 February 2015

2 weeks later

Hellooooo!! Is super late but I wanted to do a quick post. 
I have missed you and the blog like crazy so I'm super happy to be back.
I'm starting to get back on track and actually learning and practicing time management. By the way, big thanks to Elizabeth and Emma for trying to help me!! Sending squeeze hugs for both of you!!

Since I dropped my phone in water I've been using a spare phone that I thought it was just a basic one to write texts, make calls, listening to music. Turns out I can watch youtube videos and even download some apps. Has a super tiny screen, but I can deal with that, I can access internet so it's all good.

This weekend I've managed to do some cleaning, food shopping, catch up with youtube videos and blog posts, watch a movie and 3 soap operas, organized ideas for future posts, took photos and started to learn some edit skills. Can you tell how proud I am? I've managed to do the majority of the things I wanted and it feels sooo good!!

So what's changed?
I started to think a lot about why I don't do things if they make me feel better, why I struggle so much to organize my time knowing I will feel good after it? Every morning I struggle to get out of bed but I know that if I don't I will feel bad because I wasted part of my day. So why do I hesitate so much?

I often don't do things that I know will make me feel good and that doesn't make any sense because I should just do them. I'm pretty conscious on that but still can't work it out completely. Convincing myself that I should do them is the hardest part, but once I do it things get pretty easy and that's what I'm starting to learn.

And what about you? Do you feel this too?
Plus, how have you been? What have you been up to in the past 2 weeks?

Let me know in the comments. Let's chat!!

Lots of hugs, A


  1. Hey! I don't mind simple phones like the one you had. until last November, I had one of them, and it had a tiny radio app. I was like, "YES!" :D Glad to here you are back!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Haha, me neither Morning. I basically just use phones to hear music and access internet.
      I'm not really into phones, I just care about the internet x)

      Oh, thank you!! :)

      Lots of hugs, A


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