Saturday, 24 January 2015

A little update

How are you? News? Exciting things? Let me know in the comments section

This past week was quite hectic for me. I started my first job ever (!!) on Monday so I spend the whole week trying to get used to a new routine and organizing my time, clearly without success.

Also I dropped my phone in water and I had to spend some days looking for a store to repair it but no luck. So no internet out of the house until I get a new phone.

I had no time to write and publish posts, check out and respond to comments, to properly read my favourite blogs or watch my favourite youtubers. So, basically I had no time to do some of my favourite things.

I miss watching youtube videos and reading blogs. I'm feeling disconnected with the things I used to follow every day. And saying I miss these online things makes me think about how much I'm attached to the internet, but let's not start rambling about that now.
Let me know if you feel like this when you spend some days away from the internet.

Help! I need to manage my time and get myself back on track. Any tips?

Just a little post to update you and say I'm still here.
Don't forget to let me know how are you.

Lots of hugs, A


  1. Time management is trial and error. You obviously can't cut back on work, but outside of that I like to time things. AKA, I only get so many minutes of blog reading, book reading, etc... until necessary things like chores are done! Timing keeps me in order. xo

    1. I often try to do that too, but I kind of give up.
      I end up getting super involved doing things and not respecting the time I set up to do them. Oh, I'm a mess
      My problem is that I don't like to cut back anything and obviously I can't get time for everything. I'm pretty conscious on that but still can't work it out yet

      I'll give it a try for a day and actually work to respect the times. Thank you for the tip Elizabeth!! :)

      Lots of hugs, A

  2. Spending one or two days without internet makes me relax, really. It makes me appreciate the moment I'm in more. But if it's more than two days I must say I freak out a little. As the I-must-know-everything kind of person I am, I have to get my news, haha :)

    A tip to manage time is to get yourself a calendar or like and write everything down you have to do this exact day. It will help you get a overview and hopefully make you relax and not feel so busy! Make sure to right in "relax time" in your calendar!

    Hope you get back on track soon!

    xx Emma,

    1. How I can relate to that! I start do feel disconnected as I need to get my news too x)
      You are the I-must-know-everything kind of person just as me, but I'm also the I-must-do-everything.

      I want to do a lot of things in just one day and end up feeling super busy and not doing things properly.
      I really need to learn to manage time and prioritize things, I'm a mess on that. For example, I turn the PC to check one thing and end up opening 10 pages about the most different topics and spend tons of time not doing what I originally needed to do.

      Thank you for the tip Emma :)

      Lots of hugs, A


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