Friday, 9 January 2015

Sam Smith

I'm sure you all already know Sam Smith but if you are like me, you didn't like him at first. Obviously not as a person, I just didn't like the first songs I've heard (and I still don't).

Sam got my attention and interest with Latch in acoustic and at first, I couldn't relate he was the same Sam that everyone was crazy about because of La La La with Naughty Boy and Latch with Disclosure. I thought he was some random guy doing covers on Youtube, yes everyone was already crazy about him and I was just starting to discover his songs.

This guy has an incredible voice that I'm super passionate about. I think his voice is so beautiful, emotive and relaxed at the same time. I love to hear his songs in acoustic and at concerts, some of them more than in studio versions. In the meantime, just through YouTube but seeing him live is definitely on my bucket list. What annoys me is that he has already been at a Festival not far from where I live but at the time I didn't know much about him.

Sam was the best surprise of 2014 and definitely my favourite artist of the year, even though I can't say I like all the songs I know.
I can't seriously pick a favourite song. I don't love all of them but I just can't choose a favourite between the ones I like so here's a playlist with all of them, excluding a lot of acoustics and live versions because otherwise this playlist would be 3 times bigger. I hope you enjoy them!

While writing this post I was listening to his songs and just found out some that I didn't know *happy me*

Do you like Sam Smith? What's your favourite song, if you can pick one?

Lots of hugs, A


  1. I was also never a huge fan of his, but he has an incredible voice and I agree with you, although I don't like all of his songs there are a few that I love like 'Like I can' and 'Stay with me'

    1. Now I'm a big fan of him and I love his voice.
      At the moment I'm super obsessed with 'Reminds Me of You', which I found preparing this post. I love that song sooo much


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