Friday, 16 January 2015

Youtubers | Annie Jaffrey

Happy Friday!! Thought I would share one of my favourite youtubers with you again.

Annie makes videos about things like beauty, fashion and health so her channel is totally different from the other 3 youtubers I've shared before.

I think she was the first health youtuber I came across with, when I was just starting to discover youtubers and she was the one do make me think about my body health. She inspired me to try to eat healthier and take care of my body way before I knew anything about plant-based diet.

Somehow, I lost her and when I found her again she had transitioned to eating 100% raw. At the time, I was already thinking about changing my diet so she inspired and encouraged me to do it even more.

I used to watch her fashion (hauls) and healthy related videos, just because makeup is not my thing and those two topics were my favourites, but nowadays I watch all her videos, even the ones related to beauty (hair, skin, makeup) as I get to know vegan brands (which I love).

I get so much happiness and motivation just from watching her videos. She radiates energy! 
Yeah, you can tell I'm a big fan of her. She has such a positive spirit and seems so friendly. I would love to meet her in person.

The video I've chosen to share with you is quite long, but it's one of my favourite videos of her. I can relate to it a lot

She also has a blog, Instagram and Tumblr accounts that you should definitely check out.

Did you know Annie?

Lots of hugs, A

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