Friday, 2 October 2015

Headphones - Chillout playlist

Wow, almost four months but I'm back. I'm so excited to be back!!

Today sharing my favourite playlist - in constant growth - for the nights I sit on the balcony admiring the sky and thinking about the universe, or simply for when I lie in bed with my eyes closed and being in my little world soaking in the music.

Here you have like 2 hours of music. Enjoy :)

The list:
Matt Corby & Bree Tranter - Big Eyes
Ben Howard - Promise
New Empire - Relight The Fire (Live Acoustic)
Sam Garrett - Higher Than The Mountains
Sam Garrett - Hope (Acoustic)
Sam Garrett - Brave Beautiful Animals
Sam Garrett - Don't Let Go
Birdy - People Help The People
Birdy - Wings (Acoustic)
Daniela Andrade & Dabin - Eternal Sunshine (Cover)
Gabrielle Aplin - Salvation
Kwabs - Perfect Ruin
Oh Wonder - Livewire
Oh Wonder - Heart Hope
Passenger - Heart's On Fire
Passenger - When We Were Young
Selah Sue - Time
Shannon Saunders - Creatures
Sierra Noble Ft. Michael Logen - Human After All
Ally Rhodes - Own Yourself
Zach Berkman - Nothing Is Wrong
William Fitzsimmons & Priscilla Ahn - I Don't Feel It Anymore
Alex G - Too Far
James Vincent McMorrow - We Don't Eat
Mikkel Solnado - Get Up (Acoustic)
James Bay - Incomplete
OneRepublic - Life In Color (London Sessions 2012)
Hozier - Cherry Wine (Live)
Coldplay - O (Fly On)

I have this playlist directly on my phone so that's how I listen to it, but please tell me if there's any platform/app you prefer for playlists. My SD card would appreciate it. Also, any other platform that I can use to share playlists instead of YouTube?

Did you discover any new artists or songs from this playlist?
Let me know some of you favourites songs to chill out too.

Lots of hugs, A


  1. love birdy and james bay, i'll definitely check out the others!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Oh, hi Danielle. I remember you x)
      Really loving Birdy - Wings (Acoustic), at the moment. And James Bay is my absolutely favorite! Hope you like the others too :)
      I suggest looking for more stuff from Daniela Andrade. She's amazing!

  2. My favourite music app is definitely Spotify and my favourite acoustic artist is Daughter 😍 will check out the songs on your playlist now :)

    1. I've tried Spotify but can't quite go with it yet.
      Aw, I love Daugther too!
      Hope you like the songs Evie :)


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