Friday, 22 May 2015

Plans for the next months

Was here thinking about the things I want to do in the next months and decided to write them in a blog post form and share it.


I started 2015 with lots of things I wanted to do and I haven't been thinking much about them or doing them. But something clicked and I got like 'no, no way I will end this year thinking about all the things I wanted to do but didn't', so the idea was let's star to make a list of those things and make them vividly in my mind again. And that's some of the things I want to do

Spend more time in the blog - organise, post more, change the layout/design, comments section, add a photo and social medias buttons, connect with you. I want to change plenty of things here, but for that I kind of need to take 1/2 days just for it as I want to try and do it all myself. I love this place and all the time I get to spend here

Seeing Jessie J live on june 14  - already got my ticket!! It will be my first big concert and I'm super excited

Start Insanity Workout - right now I'm doing 30 days of Yoga and after that I want to give Insanity a 3rd try. I try it last year for the first time but gave up after just 1 week and on a second try made it through 1 month and 1 week or so but started travelling and couldn't do it anymore

1st festival and camp experience - that would be Nos Alive in july. Not 100% sure yet but I want it so bad and I'm working to make it happen

Woofing - a volunteer exchange related to sustainable and organic farms/properties that I came across last year. This isn't a date planned thing yet, but I really want to make it happen this year. I'm starting to do proper research and see if I can join

And what about your plans for the next months? 
What do you want to accomplish?

Lots of hugs, A


  1. Great post! Good idea to make a list like this. I am with you regarding the insanity workout! I have heard so many good things about it. It should be quite powerful :) Do you know if I have to order it online or how it works :) ?

    Cylia -

    1. Need to make more of this. It got me more focused.

      About insanity, well it's powerful. Insane and proper sweat x)
      I think it's available to order online but don't know how it works :/ I got to download the videos through zip files I think last year and as I still got them, I'm going to used them again.

      It would be cool if we started at the same day and motivate each order

  2. Loved this! Write something about your experience doing Insanity once you give it another go! I'd really love to read it!

    1. Thank you Nicole!
      Would you really like to read about that? I can think of it and write something :)
      Started Insanity this monday, let's see how it goes


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