Friday, 5 June 2015


First of all, happy new month :)
It's already June?! That's insane

I know. Just after saying I wanted to spend more time here, I disappear. How awesome am I?

I've been expending more hours/week at work, plus working on Saturdays. I had a rough time dealing with that and I feel extra tired and stressed. Don't know how many weeks I'll be working extra hours, but at least I'm not working the next two Saturdays for sure (yay).

Haven't done much besides work. Finished 30 Days of Yoga - would you like a post about it? - and started Insanity Workout last Monday.
Don't really know what to tell you about my current life, so let me know about yours, maybe?! What have you been up to?

Also, some questions for you. As a help for spending more time here, I would like to know wich topic posts to you prefer to read:
- the ones about my favourites songs/artists, youtubers and videos?
- would you like me to take more care of some forgotten categories like Closet and Kitchen?
My view on fashion has changed a lot since I first started the blog and already attempted to write about it, but kind of failed to express it 
I started Kitchen to share recipes and I do cook a lot but I don't remember to register the whole process and don't always make good looking meals, worthy of being photographed. But I can try
- oh and what about Reminders? Haven't done one in a long time 
- or would you like more posts for Conversations? More personal texts? About my experiences, dreams, thoughts

Feel free to say what you think and let me know what do you want to read about

Lots of hugs, A

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