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Today I'm going to share a personal journey and I hope you can understand it.

Since the beginning of the year that I wanted to change my eating habits in order to follow a healthy diet, but never decided to make the move until September. 

In May I stumbled upon FullyRawKristina's Youtube channel and WOW. Kristina (vegan and fully raw) amazed me with the whole concept of her lifestyle and I'm glad I've found her channel. I knew about vegetarianism and some of it's variants, but I had never heard about Raw Veganism - vegan diet and no cooked foods - so I was really surprised. 
I was so amazed that I wanted to try her diet and Kristina was about to start a 14 days Fully Raw Challenge on June but at the time I wasn't ready to do something like that so I've decided to take a time to make some research and challenge myself later and I did it indeed in August.

I didn't enjoy being fully raw - during the day was totally fine but at dinner time something was missing - and I was craving cooked foods and things with eggs or milk (regular cookies and cakes) a lot so after the challenge I decided to take the change slowly and allow myself to eat those things if I really wanted to. Also, I was going be away from home during a week without knowing what to expect so I didn't want to commit to be fully plant-based and then feel guilty if I had to eat something with eggs.

The decision of taking the change slowly and allowing myself to eat some animal products wasn't working because I would feel guilty if I ate and I really wanted to totally exclude them. So one day (September 30) I woke up and decided to completely stop eating animal products.

I don't eat any animal products because I've decided to not eat them but apart from that I eat whatever I want and like, without strict rules (it makes sense?). As long it's animal-free, if I want to eat it I'll eat it because my diet consists upon my individual choices and I shape it according to my own personal tastes.
Basically, I'm a vegan, but I really don't like to use that word, 'vegan' because I think it reassembles a whole lifestyle concept that I don't have and I prefer to say I'm a plant-based foods lover.

I don't have any moral support and I'm struggling a bit with being social because of that. The people who know I've changed my diet make fun of me and don't understand my decision (they think it's just a weird phase) but no, this isn't just a phase, I'm fully committed to it.

I didn't started this journey to lose weight, conform to a fad or anything like that, I started it just for my own health but the more I learn the more I understand that this is more than just about my health.
I'm so glad I've found something that I'm passionate about and that I'm educating and creating myself upon facts I didn't know at all. When I first started this journey I only knew a few things and only watched 1 or 2 documentaries, but now I'm learning a lot of things, doing more research and watching more documentaries.

It has been a challenging journey and not an easy one, but I'm loving it because day by day I get the chance to learn. 

Everything started with changing my diet, but I'm gradually changing my lifestyle as I become more aware of certain things. I'm super curious so I'm always looking for information to keep learning.
The amount of personal growth I've experienced has been massive and I just want to share this part of my life with you.

To finally finish this loooong post (cheers to you if you read it all), I just want to let you know that I'm not trying to convert anyone. This is about a personal choice and I'm just sharing my experience, my personal journey.

Let me know if you have any questions

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Lots of hugs, A 


  1. So I just wrote this long comment, which decided not to get published here xD But here it is in a few words: thanks for sharing this and I am sorry to hear you don't have any moral support (hopefully, that has changed since you wrote the post?!). Personally, I had to get more educated about the subject (by watching documentaries, speeches, reading books, following relevant vegan facebook pages, which share good articles). Once I started sharing my knowledge, people started to respect my decision and now I mostly get positive responses :)

    A x

    Aniqa Dreams

    1. Oh :c I received 2 comments but they were the same, haha.
      Lucky I've noticed some changes since I wrote the post.
      I'll do that. Sometimes I feel I get too shy and afraid of talking about that as I never know how people will react. Probably I need to be more open about it too.

      Thanks for passing by :)


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