Thursday, 4 December 2014

Closet | Fashion and I


I do not fancy Victoria's Secret Angels, the only thing I know about Cara Delevingne is that she's a model, I'm not interested in designer clothes or accessories, I don't have a style icon, I don't read Vogue or Elle, I don't want a Chanel bag or Christian Louboutin heels and going to a Fashion Week is not on my bucket list. At the same time, I follow personal fashion blogs and I love them, exactly because they are about personal styles and not about the dictates of fashion.

I'm not really that into fashion and I'm not one of those people who follow fashion trends or buy new clothes every season so I'm not into the “serious” fashion but I like it in a different way and with that being said I just want to let you know that my style is not unusual and awesome. I like simplicity, easy-going outfits and more than everything I need to feel comfortable with what I'm wearing.

I refuse to be told what to wear and refuse to listen to someone telling me that something is out. I may like some trends, but I won't restructure my buying and wearing decisions around what's in vogue, I'm not a fashion victim and I don't accept any new fashion trend. What's available in stores is affected by fashion trends so they end up affecting what I wear, but I only pay attention to what's trendy if it appeals to me. I wear what I want and everyone should feel comfortable enough to wear what they like regardless of what is “in or out of fashion”. We should use fashion and not let fashion use us.

This is my relationship with Fashion. How is your relationship with Fashion? Let me know

Lots of hugs, A

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