Monday, 8 December 2014

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I finished secondary school this year and I'm not attending University so I guess I'm kind of on a gap year but not an exciting one and full of adventures yet.

My final year of secondary school was exhausting. I struggled a lot this year and I didn't skip classes or had bad grades at all but just because I was so unmotivated that I'd rather do anything than go to school or study. Gradually lack of motivation started to affect me and I started to force myself to wake early to go to school, do homework and study so routine started to consume my mind. I wasn't at my best.

I've decided to take a year off because I'm not mentally prepared to get back in the routine, I need a long term vacation and actually I do not have a strong passion in anything so what would I be doing in a random course? Just to attend University? No, it wasn't the right thing to do and I didn't want to attend University this year so I'm glad I've decided to take a year off to organize the mess in my head, find myself and some area I'm passionate about. I need time to reflect and do things.

I needed a break from Formal Education and I want to take the most of this year to find out my passions and maybe what I want to do in the future. I want to enjoy this year and I would love to travel, meet new people, new places, experience and learn new things and enrich my life.

I can always attend University next year and right now I want to spend time living and learning to own my life.

Lots of hugs, A


  1. although i went straight from secondary school to university, i totally think taking a gap year is a great idea! taking time to find your passions is so important! i can definitely relate to how you've felt unmotivated with school. this semester of university has been SO CRAZY and stressful for me. school can take a lot out of ya.

    enjoy your gap year! i hope it's everything you need :)

    1. Thanks Julia. Yes, school can be really stressful but I hope you can relax a little bit and I hope you're enjoying your course and university.

      Thank you :)
      Lots of hugs, A


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