Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Kitchen | Rice & Vegan Stew

Simple as cooking rice and mixing some veggies! That's it and I love it

I always do the stew differently. I add and switch some things up so I can find my favourite version.

In my recent adjustments, I've been adding coconut oil instead of no oil or olive oil, kale (that I found for the first time) and potatoes. And this version has been my favourite for a couple of weeks now

For the Stew:
coconut oil
garlic (finely cut) 
 onion (finely cut)
carrots (sliced) 
kale (sliced) 
potatoes (diced)
black beans (already cooked)
chickpeas (already cooked)
tomato sauce
black pepper

And then basically just throw everything on a pan, let it cook and it's done

- I like to saute the garlic, onion and carrots with the coconut oil
- Then I add a bit of water, the kale and diced potatoes letting for about 5 minutes so they can start to cook
- Add the rest of the ingredients and let the magic happens 
- I keep adding water if need so it doesn't get dry and when the carrots, kale and potatoes are cooked the stew is ready to eat

For the amount of each ingredient, I seriously have no idea because I never measure. I just add more of what I like most and spices to taste

Meanwhile, you should have cooked the rice so you can now enjoy the combination :)
As for the rice, I like it plain. No oil or salt, just water and rice cooked on a pan.

Lots of hugs, A

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